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Instagram tests all users having link in Stories functionality

I often talk with business owners and marketers who can't wait to get to 10k followers on Instagram so they'll get the swipe-up functionality on Stories.

10k followers is an exciting milestone because you've now built a community of ten thousand potential customers or brand advocates. These people can learn from you, engage with you and tell share your content with their own networks. The ability to add a link in your story though, shouldn't be the main reason for celebration.

Instagram is a space for entertainment, education and inspiration. Just because you can now add links on your Story content, it doesn't mean that you should. If you have a new blog post or product launch then this is the perfect time to add a link to learn more or shop. However don't allow your page to become overly product-centric and sales-ey. If your audience wanted to browse your product listing and buy from you, they'd use your website or app.

The Verge reported this week that Instagram is trialling link in story options for all users, not just those who are verified or have 10k followers.

For now, the test is small, and Vishal Shah, Instagram’s head of product, tells The Verge it’s mostly to learn how people might take advantage of links. They’ll be watching for the types of links people post while keeping a particular eye on misinformation and spam. Plus, stickers, he says, fit more into the current way people use the platform, so he says this test “brings links into the same kind of overall system, which from a simplicity of system perspective, also makes a lot of sense.”
He adds that link stickers are the eventual goal for Instagram, whether that be for everyone or just people who already have linking privileges. “That is the sort of future system we would like to get to,” he says. “And that’s what we hope to roll out, if we’re able to make this work.”

This is an interesting development for the platform and understanding that link stickers is where the platform intends to head is good insight for marketers.

Remember though, if you are a product-based business, you can already add shopping functionality to your Instagram grid by tagging the products themselves in your posts. This means your deliciously descriptive and inspirational content doesn't need to become sales focussed.

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