• Alice Violet

How to use SEO to increase views on your video content

As competition for attention increases, high quality content is more important than ever before. The good news is that with the right agency this isn't difficult to achieve, but that's only half of the recipe.

Once you've created beautiful, interesting, educational and entertaining content, you want people to see it. That's when optimisation is key. If you're able to invest time and budget into creating a YouTube channel for your business this can be one of the most powerful and low maintenance channels in your strategy.

YouTube... low maintenance?!?

Yes! Although creating video content is a highly skilled and time-intensive endeavour, with the right system it can be less time-intensive than say Instagram. That's because channels like Instagram require a variety of content multiple times a week like Stories, Reels, graphics and photos. On YouTube you could comfortably post a video just twice a month and still have a highly effective presence.

When I worked for a global cybersecurity company I launched a YouTube channel from scratch and obtained around 45k views on videos within six months.

Here's how:

Google owns YouTube and it's essentially another huge search engine. Navigating the site primarily comes from using the search bar. So a great way to get more eyes on your content is by creating results for the types of things users are searching for.

You can find this information by simply typing in your topic to the search bar and seeing what suggestions come up. So if I wanted to create a video on content marketing, I can do a quick search and below are the top search results.

You can use this to

a) direct what videos you create in order to service the demand

b) continue creating content that's in-line with your business but give it an angle relevant to the top searches

c) ensure my titles and descriptions include some of these terms.

Note: Only include top search terms in your titles and descriptions if they are relevant to your video. If you mislead your audience your watch time aka audience retention will drop, decreasing your exposure in the algorithm over time.

Common phrases

Another way of using the search bar is to find commonly phrased questions.

I launched a video series called 'What to do when' which is how we got a huge percentage of our views. 'How to', 'the best of' and 'tips for' are also good phrases to use in your titles for greater exposure.

Other sources to direct your YouTube strategy

The following websites compile top searches around different topics to enable you to harness the search volume. Simply type in your keywords and you’ll get a huge amount of angles, phrases and keywords.

Answer the Public is a great one for seeing the different phrases and angles used to find information on your product or service.

Once you've done this research the key is to use it!

Bring the data to your marketing, planning and content meetings so that the information is used effectively.

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