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Free 2022 Social Media Strategy Template

Are you ready to elevate your business in 2022? Of course you are! Social media is a primary platform to reach large audiences, build community and ultimately increase sales. Where do I start?

Step 1: 2022 Business Goals The reason you’re on social media is to support your business, so think about what it is that you’re trying to achieve. Put simply what is your purpose? It could be brand awareness, to educate, to drive more leads, to increase sales or loyalty from existing customers.

Step 2: Audience Profiling Who is your target audience? This needs to be more in-depth than age, gender and location. I want to know political viewpoints, comedians they resonate with, whether they have children, what car they drive and which supermarket they shop in. Once you have this information give them a name. When I was Social Media Specialist for a global travel brand we regularly referred to Mr. and Mrs. [Brand Name]. Although not every single one of your customers will fit into this mould, by ensuring you resonate with this imaginary version of them, you’ll resonate with people like them too. This exercise is also really useful for nailing your tone of voice.

Step 3: Competitor Analysis This is when you analyse brands with the same target audience as you. Look at their strengths, weaknesses, what’s working well and what isn’t? In addition to your competitors, it’s useful to include brands from different industries with the same target audience, this might give you ideas you’d previously not considered. The purpose of this is never to copy, but rather to learn what works and what doesn’t.

Step 4: Audit Now it’s time to look at your own strengths and weaknesses through the same lens you applied to your competitors. Celebrate your wins and learn from your weaknesses. Remember that social media is a medium that changes all the time so don’t be too hard on yourself. The algorithms change, content types change and things move fast. As part of this audit look back on your 2021 strategy if you have one and see what your goals were, whether you hit them and what changed during the year.

Step 5: Predicted Trends Now it’s time to do some research into the top predicted trends for 2022. It’s important to tailor this to your audience, industry and business. Just because dance Reels on Instagram are growing in popularity it doesn’t mean an audience of refined, retired couples in their 50’s who care about sustainable safari’s and ethical tourism want to see them. Equally, this can be tone-deaf in a b2b space.

Step 6: Build the Strategy Now it’s time to take all the research you created in steps 1–5 and build your strategy document. Make sure you keep this document available and use it as a regular resource. It's ok if you change direction mid-way through the year. Just ensure there is an argument to do so.

Download your free social media strategy here

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