Are you ready to create a show that you're proud of?

To build a successful show we need a solid foundation.

From great equipment - which we can advise based on your budget, - to well-prepared and confident hosts guests. You also need strong show production and editing.

Below are some of the podcast services we offer:

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Award-winning podcast agency

Podcast strategy

  • Define goals 

  • Set KPI's

  • Develop concept

  • Choose name

  • Develop branding

  • Define show length and frequency

  • Create recording and publishing calendar

  • Guide equipment required based on the budget available

  • Audit your existing show

  • Competitor analysis

  • Track results

Podcast production

  • Host and guest training

  • Podcast production and editing training

  • Guide series structure and show format

  • Guide hosts and guests

  • Create/manage podcast calendar

  • Record each episode

  • Edit full episodes using Adobe Audition

  • Source music and sound effects required

  • Guest sourcing

Podcast promotion

  • Distribute your show through all audio networks such as Spotify, SoundCloud and Apple Podcasts

  • Create video or audio-only clips for YouTube

  • Create promotional clips for use on social media this can be animation or video 

  • Create an overall marketing strategy including website, email and social media

Podcast Training

  • Host and guest training

  • Podcast production training

  • Audio equipment training

  • How to edit a podcast using Adobe Auditon

  • How to edit video and audio

"Alice has done an incredible job - growing the social media presence of Naked Security orders of magnitude across multiple channels, while also producing a world-class, award-winning podcast series.
She has a deep understanding of our cybersecurity audience and produces content that is relevant, informational and entertaining."

- Marty Ward Vice President of Communications and Content at Sophos


Who we've worked with

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